Saturday, December 3, 2011

Day Three

I got to sleep in a little today. No work and Alex didn't need to be at work until 10 am. Hurray!

While Alex was at work I cleaned the house,

did the laundry,

and listened to two episodes of Joy The Baker Pod Cast on iTunes.

Episode 12: Red Flags

Episode 13: Pay it Forward

Slowly I'm catching up since they are already on episode 28.

I love these gals Joy The Baker and Tracy from Shutterbean.

Check out their websites and the pod cast.

This evening I prepared the turkey that I purchased last week when turkeys were cheap.


I seasoned it the same way I made the turkey this past summer.


I also made something with bacon for Steph.

Green beans with bacon vinaigrette.


Goals accomplished today:
  • Workout - 30 Day Shred
  • Cook Turkey
  • Blogged Today!
Goal List:
  • Email professor 1 about class
  • Make Popovers
  • Finish All 20 teas in my box at work
  • Email professor 2 about letter of recommendation
  • Save $840 for Spring Class
  • Email professor 3 about new letter of recommendation
  • Finish Scarf
  • Email Dale about letter of recommendation
  • Knit scarf for my niece
  • Write CV or finish writing.
  • Get Tiernan's Christmas present
  • Write new letter of intent
  • Eat less processed foods all month
  • Read library book
  • Get rings cleaned
  • Workout everyday of December
  • Read Middlesex
  • Go to Cornish Christmas
  • Read The Cookbook Collector
  • Blog everyday of December!
  • Cook a turkey

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