Sunday, July 17, 2011

Mid-Summers Turkey

I know to do a turkey in the middle of the summer is a little insane, but what is one to do when they have to defrost the freezer. Make Thanksgiving in July. I made a turkey, herb mashed red potatoes, and maple-thyme biscuits. The couple that we invited over to partake of the meal brought Zucchini Gratin. And what would a turkey dinner be without some canned cranberry sauce?

Roast Turkey Seasoned with Sage

Turkey 2

You will need:

  1. 1 Turkey (I used a 14 pounder I got last Thanksgiving)

  2. 4 large yellow onions

  3. Butter

  4. Fresh Sage

  5. 1 roasting pan (I buy the foil ones, because my oven in miniature and wont fit a real roasting pan. Trust me I’ve tried)

  6. 1 roasting bag

  7. Salt and Pepper


  1. Defrost turkey (I took mine out of the freezer Monday night and put it in the refrigerator after I’d defrosted the freezer)

  2. Preheat oven to 325 degrees

  3. Take out the innards, the gizzard and all the other “goodies” that come with the bird.

  4. Wash the bird. (only with water, cold water)

  5. Cut 1 onion into 6 wedges

  6. Season the inside cavity with salt and pepper

  7. Place wedged onion and sage into cavity

  8. Rub entire bird with butter

  9. Cut other 3 onions in half place inside bag in the roasting pan, they will act as a roasting rack.

  10. Put bird breast side up on top of onions inside bag.

  11. Cook at 325 degrees for about 4 hours or until bird reaches an internal temperature of 170 – 175 degrees. It will continue cooking and the temp will rise the last little bit after it is removed from the oven.

  12. Remove dripping, make gravy if you want.

  13. Carve turkey. Though my is always so tender that it just falls off the bone. I know not a traditional looking bird, but no dry meat either.

turkey 3

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