Saturday, July 2, 2011

Re-getting to know my machine

My very first sewing machine was given to me by my Aunt several years ago. This particular machine had been hers since she was in her late teens. Thus when I was in my late teens she gave it to me. After using this machine for several years I thought it was time for a new machine. Enter my Singer. I've had this particular machine for about 7 or 8 years now. It has served me well through several years of Halloween costumes. Though I had never figured out what my machine could do.

Recently, I've been dreaming of a new machine (Aurora 430). This new machine is quite expensive and it will take me sometime to save up the money for it's purchase. In the mean time I've decided to put my current machine through the paces. Really find out what it can and cannot do. I need to fall in-love with my machine.

A few posts back I mentioned some new things that I've learned lately. One big one was that I had not been installing my bobbin correctly. Some other things to note are about needles. Now, I'm sure you already know all about needles, but I never bothered to pay much attention. Wwll in short sharp needles are for woven fabrics and ballpoint needles are for knit fabrics.

Today, I made a stitch sampler. Nothing fancy, but it was fun to do the different types of stitches on my machine.
stitch sampler


  1. I haven't had my machine nearly as long as you - only 7 or 8 months, instead of 7 or 8 years! - but I'll admit, I've upgraded! I ordered this beauty from Amazon yesterday after the long, long, long awaited graduation/apology card arrived from my mother:

    I love that it comes with ALL the accessories I need to really quilt properly, including a walking foot and a free motion foot! I can't wait for it to arrive!! :D

  2. Fancy. Enjoy your new machine.


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