Friday, July 1, 2011

New Project

Yesterday, I had a busy day off. First I went and gave blood. Then, I drove the hour and a half to my aunt's house. The drive was worth it. After a nice much needed visit I came home with the following box of stuff.
cook books 001

Now, I know what your thinking what do I care about a couple of old dolls and some sort of child's party kit. Well when we get the dolls and play set out of the way we see the real treasure. Cook Books.
cook books 002

And not just any cook books (well some of them are), but cook books that were my grandmother's and Great-grandmother's.
This one is of particular interest to me.

cook books 003

This cookbook has a copyright date of 1902. I had heard of these cookbooks that tell a woman how to do more than just cooking and now I have one.
cook books 004

This book is not only a great treasure because of the age and good condition, but it also has hand written recipes that were written by my great-grandmother. She also sorted newspaper clippings from who knows when.
cook books 006

I told my aunt that I would go through this book and three other cookbooks that are entirely hand written and type up great-grandma's recipes so that we can print them up. This will be our Christmas presents to the family for this year.

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