Thursday, June 16, 2011

Lucky Bamboo not so Lucky

Another long day at work. Home I came only to find that the third plate, of my four piece set that we received for our wedding, is now broken. I'm so very sad about this since I cannot get the pattern any more. More about the plates later.In addition to this, the beautiful cobalt blue pot that I had potted the lucky bamboo in was broken in the incident. Well I think the bamboo broke the plate.

I'm unsure how this happened, the most likely culprit is Mamasita. She likes to get on the counter when Alex and I are not home. I'm just not sure why she was trying to get into the window.

I had to run out and purchase a new pot for this plant that was a present from my co-workers when I moved away.

Hopefully this new pot will hold up better than the last one. If only I can keep Mama off of the counter and away from the window. I'm hoping that the bamboo will survive this. I think that it's highly unlucky to kill a lucky bamboo.

1 comment:

  1. Look how big it is! I'm sure the bamboo will survive just fine. I have the pot you picked for it someplace around here, too! Sorry about your plates, though :( :(


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