Saturday, June 18, 2011

Trinity County

Trinity County as stated by Is located in the lower reaches of the Cascade Range in California. This county encompasses approximately 3,200 square miles of alpine grander. This is a wonderful place to satisfy outdoor vacations and activities. This is a largely underdeveloped area with hundreds if miles of Forest Service roads, trails, and old logging tracts.
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A friend of mine and her family own of a large tree farm in this region of the country. Nestled deep within the woods is a perfect place to camp and barbecue. Only accessible via roads made by the family's patriarch.
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This majestic setting overlooks the creek below.

Trinity County 6-18-11 040
This creek connects with the river which is just a short hike away.

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After the tour of her family's land we drove into the nearby town. This small town houses the Jake Jackson Museum. This small museum has every thing from millions of years old fossils.
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To period Clothing

Trinity County 6-18-11 092

Trinity County 6-18-11 091
And sewing paraphernalia.

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The gift shop yielded a plethora of Old-Fashioned Recipe Books. Which I cannot wait to delve into. Though I'm not sure if Hubby will be excited about the pumpkin one.
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Overall this was a fun trip in a beautiful setting.

Happy Summer

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