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Temple of the Winds (Book Twenty Three)

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Title: Temple of the Winds (Book Four of the Sword of Truth)

Author: Terry Goodkind

Pages: 992 pages

Published: September 15, 1998

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Book four of the Sword of Truth series did not disappoint. If you are a fan of the fantasy genre this is a series that you will enjoy.

The book starts with Kahlan and Richard pulling the Midlands together and about to get married when a wizard sent by Jagang to threaten Richard. Jagang has envoked an double bind prophecy which has the plague running rampant thought the kingdom and the Midlands. The bulk of the book tells of the efforts of Richard to stop the plague. With a few flashes to the other groups (ie. Zed and Ann, who were captured by people in the winds and finally end up with the Mud People. Sister Verna and Warren, who go into the heart of Jagang territory to rescue some of her friends. Nathan Rahl the prophet who thwarts Jagangs whole plan with his crafty use of prophecy).

The only thing I did not enjoy was another misunderstanding between Kahlan and Richard. Those two need to realize that they just love each other. In the end everything worked out Richard and Kahlan got married, finally. However, Goodkind does leave the ending ripe for the next book, with Kahlan inadvertently unleashing something (not mentioned) when she saved Richard's life.

As always, I appreciate your comments or book recommendations. ~Dianna

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