Wednesday, May 18, 2011

But I Trusted You (Book Twenty One)


Title: But I Trusted You and other true cases.

Author: Ann Rule

Pages: 464

Published: November 2009

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Okay, So I know that this book was not on my reading list. I am currently reading three books that are on my reading list. I'm just reading them very slowly. Sometimes I just need a true crime book to break things up. This little gem I picked up at a used book store that Hubby and I stumbled upon during our great 6 mile trek around town on Tuesday. I also picked up a book from my wish list "Tender at the Bone".

Back to the book at hand, if you like true crime you will like this book. Just as all Ann Rule books it is chock full of details and behind the scenes information about the crimes.

If you haven't read her books yet, I highly recommend them.

This particular book goes through six different stories of crimes. Well not just every day crime, but murder. The first tale tells of a marriage that ended in disaster and a little girl who is now left with a dead father and a mother in prison for the crime. The second tale tells of a happy couple on a voyage with their children to paradise, the couple never made it to land. The third story tells of a mother who loved her son even though his drug use, but love did not keep her alive. Story number four delves into the swinging lifestyle and a conman who used it to fleece unsuspecting businessmen. The fifth story is of a young man who had all the advantages that life can give a person, but the early trauma in his life affected him so much that he went on a crime spree killing one woman and assaulting another. Sixth tale is of a disturbed man who killed as an adolescent and continued the trend with each prison release.

If you want more details read the book.

As always, I appreciate your comments or book recommendations. ~Dianna

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