Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spending Money

Today my friend Steph from Hope Sewing is Genetic and I went to the fabric store. Apparently they were having one of their biggest sales of the year. The place was packed and it took quite a while for us to get our fabrics cut.After perusing the shelves, I found these five beautiful fabrics. Three of them are for the next Sew Liberated pattern that I'm planning on putting together. You'll have to just guess which three for now. I still need to finish the Patchwork Placemats that I've been slowly working on.


I also picked up the thread and eyelet kit that I need for the same Sew Liberated project that I bought the fabric.


The Pattern Junkie that I am, I couldn't resist getting a couple more costume patterns.


So, for all of these things I saved $54.58, that makes me feel better for spending the money on the things that I don't really need.

As always, be good to yourself.

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  1. Crazy thing is... I went back again after you left, LOL! A friend of mine gave me a gift card for my birthday and wanted to waste time to avoid homework she had to do, so I got some more cute fabric, and a cool diamond shaped ruler thing for making quilt pieces. Looking forward to using that! :)


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