Saturday, April 9, 2011

"Stranger in my Arms" (Book Eighteen)

Title: Stranger In My Arms

Author: Lisa Kleypas

Pages: 360

Published: 1998 by Avon Books

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Since I have had such a rough week, last night I decided to do very little. I got home from work and promptly changed into my pajamas, climbed into bed, and read this very intriguing historical romance novel.

My history with romance novels goes all the way back to when I was twelve and my grandmother had shelves of these types of books. I owe my grandmother thanks for encouraging me to read. This encouragement led to my hunger for books and an appreciation of the romance genre.

This particular book is a little different from the others of its type that I have consumed. I would recommend it to anyone who appreciates the romance genre or even someone who is a little dubious about it.

A little run down of the book.

The Earl of Hawksworth's widow has been disposed from her home by his uncle and his wife. They are squandering the family fortune, and she only wants to help the local orphanage, when the family lawyer comes and tells her that her dead husband has come back from the grave. She is needless to say not too excited because of the loveless marriage they had when he has left three years before to live in India.

But... This man is not her husband or is he? He knows all the things that her husband would know and his face looks like her husbands, but there is something. He is now kind and considerate. Additionally he refuses to force himself on her like all the other times in their marriage. She falls in love with this new man that her husband has become.

The question still remains, is he really her long lost husband?

As always, I appreciate your comments or book recommendations. ~Dianna

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