Monday, December 20, 2010


It is time to start planning on what I'm going to do in this new year. I had planned last year to read over 60 books this year. However since I'm sitting at 39 with only twelve days left in the year, I think I will not meet this goal. This is okay since I plan on beating my record of 85 books in a year this coming new year.

In order for myself to do this I will need to at least read two books a week. This is going to be a arduous journey. But, I think that I will rise to the occasion. Well at least I hope so.

I'll need all of your help for ideas of books to read. Though I do have quite a stack next to my bead right now that will carry my quite a ways on this journey.

Some of my short term goals in this regard is to finish the Sword of Truth series. I have already read Wizard's First Rule and Stone of Tears. That leaves me with only eleven more books. I have a few of them in my collection, but I will need to find the rest.

I recently stared Blood of the Fold. I think I'll started reading it fully after the holidays.

Another project I had for this year was to re-read all of the Harry Potter books. To date I've only made it though the fourth book. So reading the final three will add a few more books to my goal for the new year.

If you've noticed I like book series. If they are well written. Though I am not objective to single books.

A few of my favorites where the only book of that type written by the author.

However, the book I'm most looking forward to reading is the newest Temperance Brennan novel by Kathy Reichs. My hope is that someone will get it for me for Christmas.

I guess that is enough from me on this subject. I think I'll try and get a counter for this blog so all of you can keep track of how many books I have read.

Have a Happy Christmas and a Wonderful New Year.


  1. I have up through book 6 of the Terry Goodkind series, and you're welcome to borrow them, as well as any that I have! My goal is to get through at least one a week - hopefully we can keep each other motivated?


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