Sunday, September 8, 2013

Getting back to normal

The apartment is almost done.  Just a few little things still need to be taken care of, but for the most part everything has a place and it feels like a home.  Even the kitties are getting back to their normal selves.

001 007

Mamasita exploring her new favorite place to sit


Zoey walking to sit in my lap even though I'm trying to take a cute picture of her


Mamasita sitting on the couch


And Zoey sitting on my laptop


Mamasita loves to help sort socks


The lone cupcake leftover from last night, another MtAoFC recipe.


 I've started to decorate for fall. Just a smidge!


I picked up a rosemary plant for Mamasita to sit by.


Currently, I'm re-reading the third Harry Potter book so this California Bear is saving its place.

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