Friday, March 29, 2013

Fabulous Friday Links

Friday.  The first week of spring break is coming to a close.  Thoughts and doubts are bubbling to the surface.  Have I studied enough?  Will I pass my written exams?  Good thing I have another whole week to get myself feeling more confident about this whole thing.
  1. I'm so in the mood for something with fresh strawberries.  THIS would be wonderful. 
  2. To have THESE two would be a dream come true.  My animals do not get along. 
  3. WOW! THESE are beautiful and amazing.  
  4. Interesting ARTICLE about milk and children.  
  5. THIS salad sounds amazing.  
  6. Some good TIPS on eating better.  
  7. I am in love with THIS.  Go there now and thank me later.  

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