Thursday, December 27, 2012


This is an activity for children three and a half to four years old.  This activity is designed to be used with a blindfold and refines the stereopnostic sense. HERE is a complete description of how the activity works. I collected the tray and bowls from various locations.  Tray from Home Goods and the bowls from World Market.  The beads used for sorting are three different shapes  but otherwise feel and look the same.  While blindfolded the child sorts these beads into bowls according to their shape.


I sewed a pouch which contains the blind fold.


The pouch is made from two rectangular pieces of fabric rounded on once end sewn together then the bottom squared part folded up and sewed on the edges. I thing added Velcro for the closure. The out side is some quilting cotton fabric while the inside is a nice red silk.


Inside the pouch contains the blindfold mode of the same fabrics.


Both pieces of fabric were cut and sewn right sides together. I turned the right sides out. I then stitched around the edges and added Velcro for the closure at the back.

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