Saturday, December 29, 2012

Mystery Bag

The Mystery Bag is another Sterrognostic activity for the young child.  HERE is a full description of the activity.  The objects are items that can be identified by touch alone.  I've collected them in several locations. The bag itself I made.  I made three actually.


This first bag is the third I made. This out side is a light fashion fabric and the interior is blue silk.


I cut a rectangle piece of fabric 26 inches by 10 inches. On each of the long sides iron over a flap of 1/4 inch. Sew down both sides with a straight stitch. I then fold each short side down 1/2 inch ironed in place and sewed along the raw edge to attach. This created the space where the ribbon is threaded through for the closure. Fold in half right sides together, bringing the short sides together. Sew the sides together stopping at the stitching line for the ribbon area. Turn right side out. Make the lining in the same manner minus the area for the ribbon. Do not turn the lining inside out. Attach lining to the outer bag swing in a round. The ties are two pieces of ribbon threaded in a u shape with the ends sticking out of wither end. I finished it off with beads at either end. Note that these are the measurements I used you may need to adjust for the size of bag you desire.


 This is the second bag I made.


 Because of the pattern on the fabric. I had to cut two pieces to sew together to form the original rectangle. The rest was made in the same manner as the above bag.


Bag number One. I call this my rough draft bag. It's dimensions are different and I did not write them down. It turned out more square than I wanted. Also it has more of a raw look because instead of folding the short sides together with the right sides inside I folded them on the outside and stitched in the same manner. It's still a unique look just not as polished.


 The inside instead of silk is a soft almost flannel feeling cotton.

These bags can be made small or large.  Used for any manner of things.  Make it with fancy fabric and it can be a purse.  Or make it a gift bag.  I'm using the first bag I made as a lunch bag.

Happy Sewing.

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  1. Cute fabric for those bags! You can never have enough small drawstring bags - so useful!

    Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
    Hope you have a fabulous week!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success


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