Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Rumblings and ramblings about...

There are rumblings in my head.  
When there is an absence of money in my life that is when I want to buy things the most. 
Interesting phenomena. 
I also have to keep in mind that we are going to be moving back to the West Coast at the end of next July. 
 I do not want to have tons of items to pack up and move the 3,000 miles home.  

 My remedy is to not put myself further into debt, but to make elaborate wish lists.  

Of course most of this list will be books.  I love books and I miss my library, especially the cook books.


Of course my cookbook collection would not be complete without Ashley English's new book 

From the Baker and Spice bakery in Portland Oregon I want this amazing book.  
I love cake, well good cake, not dry packaged cakes.  
Though, I love pie more.
So, the next time I'm on the west coast I'm making a trip to this place.  


My book collection of Julia Child books would not be complete without this book.

Since this came out last spring it's been on my wish list.  Maybe someday soon it'll be on my shelf .
If you haven't check out her blog: Joy the Baker

I love Ruth Reichl's writing style.  I want to read all of her books!

I've been thinking a lot about Oz of late.  Probably because of the new movie coming out.  I read these books as a child and I want to read them all again!

I guess that is enough for now.  I need to go write a paper on Freedoms and Discipline for the three to six year old child.  I've been avoiding this, but I need to get it done.   

Alex and I are headed to a local bakery to sip chai and eat bagels while I write and he studies.  

Happy Tuesday!

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