Thursday, July 26, 2012

Vegas Baby!

We left a little later than planned.  It was so hard saying goodbye to the kitties.  I didn't think I'd cry so hard, but they would have hated driving for five days across the country.  That is little comfort when I think about not seeing them for a long time.

But, the long farewell was in our favor, there was a problem at the bank and if we'd left when planned the bank would not have been open to fix the problem.  Very fortuitous even if it was sad saying goodbye.

We traveled up highway 20 to highway 80 and had breakfast in Truckee at the Truckee Bagel Company.  If you are ever in the high Sierra's of California check them out.  We even picked up 6 more bagels for the road!

After that we left our beloved California behind.  I'm sad that it'll be a year before I see her beauty again.

The rest of the day we drove through Nevada.  If you have never done this, do it at least once.  It is an experience that will change your perspective on a lot of things.


There is just miles of emptiness.  

No houses, or businesses, or places to pull over and recoup.  

But, it is beautiful.  

The rock formations and the colors of the earth are hard to put into words.

086 084 083 076

We ended the day in Las Vegas and stayed at the Circus Circus.  

Our room was nice and the buffet left something to be desired, but oh well we only stayed the night!

091 090

This is the route we took if you are interested!

View Larger Map

 End of Day One Photo!

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  1. Glad to see your adventure is going well! The scenery looks so peaceful!
    Loving your hotel room. =D


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