Saturday, April 14, 2012

What's in my Chico Bag?

Alex and I have been living in Chico, CA for almost four years now and I had not purchased a ChicoBag.

I have lots of other reusable grocery bags so I really never though about needing one before.  However, today I went to the store and left my other bags at home.  No big deal I'll just carry my items, but right next to the register was this beautiful ChicoBag and I could not resist.


And all my items fit inside.
Here is my purchases for today!

 The Napa Valley Natural's olive oil is a new one for me usually I buy a different brand, but this was on sale.  I'm hoping that it is good

The Tomato Pesto is really good.  I like all of the Bella Sun Luci products.  And they are a local Chico brand!  

Pacific Pho soup base is a new purchase as well.  I love pho and want to try my had at making my own version.

And finally, a Taj Ethnic Gourmet masala simmer sauce for dinner tonight, because I love Indian food and I'm feeling lazy today!  I haven't tried this brand of simmer sauce yet.  I hope that it is more flavorful than the others I have tried.  I really just need to make my own sauces.

There you have it.  A little peak into my spending habits.  I buy things on impulse, but I try to keep it reasonable.  

Your turn.

What's in your ChicoBag?

Happy Saturday

1 comment:

  1. Cute bag! I can never resist bags. I love Indian food too but have never tried this sauce. Hope it turns out yummy!


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