Saturday, September 17, 2011

Yarn Studio

yarn 005

It seems like just about every Saturday or at least every other Saturday I drag Steph from Hope Sewing is Genetic out of her house where she is happily sewing quilts to go out with me.

Sometimes we have breakfast.

Sometimes we go to the craft store so she can check the discounted remnants bin.

Sometimes she even watches me clean my house.

But not today.

No, today I made her accompany me to a yarn store.

Someplace where she would never have gone on her own.

This place was a knitter or crocheter's dream. Row after row, room after room of yarn. Anything and everything one could need for any project.

I left with only one skein of a beautiful composition of 50% Rabbit Angora, 25% Merino wool, and 25% Polyamide.

yarn 004

I'm thinking of making a matching scarf and cap for my niece for Christmas.

I'm planning of going back when I have more projects in mind.

However, I think I should finish knitting my very first project before I do that. It actually might be done by tomorrow. Wish me luck.

I almost forgot the best part. They wound my yarn into a ball for me. On a fancy wooden machine that looked like this on one side.

Image found HERE.

And this on the other side.

Image found HERE.

I know I'm sounding like a little kid, but that was so cool!

Now another picture of Zoey with the yarn.

yarn 006

Happy Saturday!


  1. Oh you, always making me go out! ;) One of these days I'll take YOU someplace.

    The photos definitely don't do the color justice - it's a lovely shade of pink!

  2. lol - if you intend to become a knitter / crotcheter you might want to not encourage zoey from playing with the wool - my cat thinks it's hysterical when it's a huge birds nest of a mess now - i should have trained him earlier!


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