Saturday, June 11, 2011

A little wishing

Tomorrow is Alex, my husband's birthday. My in-laws are coming for lunch and then some friends are coming for a BBQ. So today I need to clean my house, bake a cake and Pavlova, find time to workout, and then work on my knitting. Instead of starting all of this I'm searching the web for things I want to buy for myself. A little cooking, sewing, knitting, and something just for me.
Here is today's Wish List.First up we have...
Zombie Cupcakes.
I first saw this cook book over at Girlichef. And I had to check it out for myself. Since I've been baking a lot lately this would be a wonderful addition to my cook book collection. I look at this book and think how wonderful my goodies would be at a Halloween party.

Next we have...
Vampire Knits.
I first saw this book in my hometown craft store and wanted to buy it on the spot, but I decided that since I'd only just started knitting that the projects would be too difficult for me. However, I still want the book. And it goes with my Halloween theme I seem to have today.

And then...
Growing up Sew Liberated.
This is the newest book by Meg McElwee. I have her other book, Sew Liberated, and I've been working on one of patterns (Patchwork Pacemates) for some time now. It's not difficult I just have been lazy about it. I am also an avid reader of her Blog. So I'm excited to get her newest book and see what I can make.

Clarisonic Mia.
In Garnet Red, of course. I seem to have this affinity for red now. When I was little my favorite color was blue, and to some extent I still love blue. My car is blue, most of my glasses are blue, and sheets and blankets galore are blue. This shift to red has been subtle. First I got a red laptop. Then I got a Red KitchenAid Mixer. And now I want a red face cleaning device.

Well that's all I have for today. I really should go clean my house, workout and all the other things I should be doing away from my computer.

Happy Day

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