Saturday, January 22, 2011


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Quilting adventure.

Today my friend, whom has taken up quilting as well, and I went out of town to a quilt shop is exotic Paradise. This place, Debbie's Quilt Shop, had a versatile selection of fabrics and the quilts on display were so intricate I'm not sure how a person could do them.

This was very inspiring.

I could not resist getting many different "Fat" squares for my current quit project.

Now I'm very excited to add these new patterns into my ever growing quilt.

I'm hoping very soon to be complete with the top and put the whole thing together.

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  1. I was inspired, too! I picked out the 9 star patterns I'm going to use for The Big Quilt (yes, it shall be capitalized! LOL), and picked out the four different fabrics that I'll use for each square, and then started cutting the triangles that will compose each piece of the first set of squares. 47 pieces cut... probably 800 to go.

    If only that last bit were exaggeration! :(


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