Friday, September 10, 2010

Day Thirteen

Yesterday before I went in to work I ventured to the local library and came home with three books. The first one I picked up was a self help book that I hope will brighten my disposition. The second a book on sewing costumes (which I think I'll return in the morning) and basic sewing book.

This last book I hope will help me very much on this journey, for I haven't made anything in quite some time.
The first thing this book suggests is to gather a kit. I have most of the the items but I'll list for you the few things I do need to obtain.

1. A Thimble. As basic as this seems I don't seem to have one in my possession.

2. 4 or 6 inch scissors for cutting thread and trimming seams.

3. Seven or Eight inch cutting shears. For cutting out patterns or cutting material of any considerable size.

4. Pinking Shears for finishing off seams that would come unraveled. Now I have a pair of these that were my mother's, but since I have been using these for all manner of things for many years I believe that I need new ones. That also goes for all the scissors that I am putting on this wish list.

5. Tracing Wheel

6. Dressmaker's Tracing Paper

7. Dressmaker's Transparent Ruler

8. Tailor's Chalk

9. A Metal Slide Gauge.

 The ironic thing about all this is that I've had all of these items in my possession at some point in time or another and have since gotten rid of them deeming them not useful. Except the scissors which I just need new one that haven't been used a bunch of times on things that they are not intended for.
Though this list seems to be full of lots of items fear not. I already have.

1. Sewing Box

2. Tape Measure

3. Needles

4. Box of pins

5. Pin Cushion

6. Thread

7. Yardstick

8. Sewing Machine

9. Sleeve Board

10. Ironing Board

11. Steam Iron

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