Sunday, May 4, 2014

A Goodbye

Dear readers,

    It is time to say goodbye.  This blog was my life line for many years while I struggled to find my place in a post graduation life in a collage town.  This blog was my life in Chico.  And while I have kept it going sporadically over the past couple of years since we've left Chico it has never been the same.  My friend and blog buddy Steph from Hope sewing is Genetic made her last post in September of 2012 and I really should have followed suit.  I should have started something new for our adventures on the East Coast and our even newer life in the pacific north west.  But I am a nostalgic person and I love the name of this blog.  I might come back to it some day or I might start something new.  All I know right now is that for the time being I need to say goodbye to this space.
You'll still be able to find me on Instagram, Goodreads, and Pintrest


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