Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Day we drove home.

Not so early did we wake up in Vegas. We had breakfast at the Caesars Buffet.  And then had four new tires installed on the car.  Our car really doesn't like to have all of our possessions packed in it, so it eats tires.


1081 1084 And it rained on us again in Nevada. 1086 But that created beautiful sights such as this as the sun went down 1089 1090 1096 1098 1102 And then the moon came out 1104 We arrived to our landing place in Northern California well after midnight on this day. For the next week I finished my final paper for my masters degree and Alex wrestled with the bad internet. The internet won and we could barely get online.  Though the crowing moment of the week we spent in Grass Valley was that Alex and his dad finally got the new refrigerator upstairs. 1106  Maybe the kitchen remodel will be done by Thanksgiving.  One can only hope..

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