Thursday, July 18, 2013

We made it to...

Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Early in the morning we left New Orleans. ipod 002

ipod 004 ipod 007 ipod 008 ipod 010 ipod 011 ipod 014 ipod 020

About an hour later we arrived in Ponchatoula

  ipod 021ipod 022 ipod 023 ipod 024 ipod 025 ipod 028 ipod 029

Of course our drive through places west of the Mississippi would not be complete without seeing some giant crosses

  ipod 036 

 Alex accidentally taking a photo of our directions

  ipod 038

Hello, Texas (we'll see you again on Friday)

  ipod 040ipod 042

I tried to get a photo of a longhorn...

  ipod 044ipod 046 ipod 048 ipod 049 ipod 051 ipod 052 

 Then we crossed over into Oklahoma

  ipod 055ipod 057 ipod 058

Today we rest from our 12 hour drive. 
 Mel, my dear high school friend was kind enough to let us stay and entertain us for a couple of nights and a day. 
 Let's see what the day may bring. 

 Happy Thursday Everyone!

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