Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Here Comes the Rain... Again

I-phone 039

We left Durham, North Carolina early in the morning.

The sun was making its debut and all was calm and beautiful.  

I-phone 036 I-phone 038 I-phone 040 I-phone 042

We crossed into South Carolina

I-phone 043 I-phone 044 I-phone 046

And Georgia.

I-phone 047 I-phone 048 I-phone 049 I-phone 051

And Alabama

I-phone 053 I-phone 054 I-phone 057 I-phone 058

And Mississippi

I-phone 067

Then finally after 15 hours on the road and crossing a time zone we made it to Louisiana.

I-phone 069 I-phone 073 I-phone 076 I-phone 077

Our hotel is lovely in the French Quarter


The view from our window.


And here is our first New Orleans Meal.  

Dinner at Coop's Place.


Time to go find some Breakfast.  Happy Tuesday everyone!

I-phone 082

1 comment:

  1. Looks like a great adventure! Hope it's a fun time!


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