Friday, June 7, 2013

Thursday's in D.C.


 Now that the count down until our departure of the East Coast has begun, I'm feeling the crunch.   The things that we have left undone... well need to be done.  So, I've instituted Thursday's in the city. Every Thursday from now until we leave I'm going to take off from studying and go explore something in D.C., here is what we did this week!

First we visited some Dinosaurs.

  001002 003 007

Then some things a little more recent... Ice Age

  010011 013 015 017 018 019

Some Egyptian stuff

  021026 027 029 

 I couldn't bring myself to take photos of the human mummies, but I took a couple of the cat mummies.


Then we went into the geology section and found something from our home town.


 Shall you look into my crystal ball?


And we saw some fancy jewels.

  046047 052

Then we walked across the Mall


To the Air and Space Museum

  058061 063 

 We'll have to finish the museum next week.

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