Friday, April 19, 2013

Fabulous Friday Links

It's been a hard few weeks.  Spring break was no break.  And the past two weeks have been an emotional roller coaster of stress and tears.  Now that I know I have passed BOTH of my written exams one would think that the stress levels would go down.  Nope.  The world is going crazy and my own little piece of it is full of studying for Oral exams that are still a month away.  Next week I will spend another two weeks with children.  That should calm my nerves a smidge.  On to happier (hopefully) things.  On Wednesday Alex and I are going to see Jillian Michaels live and I'm so excited!

  1. Rhubarb Almond Breakfast Cake.  Need I say more?
  2. Joy made some killer French bread pizza's this week that remind me of my childhood.  I think I need to make THESE soon! 
  3. Maybe I should have made THESE for my school birthday celebration.  
  4. THIS might be a good idea for my lunches this week.  
  5. I want to pick some of THESE up, I'm always loosing the scrunchie bands.
  6. Did you know that April is child abuse prevention month?  Neither did I.  GET INFORMED.
  7. Free online science books HERE.  
  8. The Power of Talking to your Baby.
  9. 10 Things to Stop Saying to Your Kids.  

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