Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Building up my stash

I survived the tornado warning and thunder storm yesterday.
Though I did get soaking wet from the walk to the car.

Since, I gave all my fabric to Steph from Hope Sewing is Genetic when I left the West Coast, I have to build up my fabric stash again.  I think this is a good start.


I even picked up a couple new patterns from Sew Liberated and I decided to try out one of the Sew Liberated kits! 


Happy Wednesday friends.  


  1. A fresh stash... how inspiring, and Liberating!
    Keep us posted on Meg's patterns.

  2. It's so great to be able to build up your stash!
    I love buying from these shops on Etsy, they do great bundle deals

  3. I love the ashland dress! So pretty! Glad you survived the durge.


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