Friday, August 31, 2012

Fabulous Links Friday # 2

Wow, it's Friday again already and the last day of August.  Where did the time go?

Alex and I have been on the East Coast for a month now.  
Next week school starts and everything will change.

No more sleeping in.  No more watching the Cooking Channel all day.

Time to turn my brain back on!

These are a few of my favorite things...  

this week!

  1. I've been craving baked goods for weeks now.  This Buttermilk Blueberry Breakfast Cake from Alexandra's Kitchen is calling my name!
  2. Or maybe something sweeter like this Pumpkin Toffee Cheesecake from The Other Side of Fifty.
  3. I signed up for Sew Liberated's Craftsy course: Sewing with Knits.  Super excited!
  4. Do-it-yourself pore strips from the Petit Elefant.  Sounds interesting.
  5. I really want to try and make this Mason Jar Herb Garden from Camille Styles.
  6. I cannot wait for cooler weather to drink some Hot Honey Cocoa
  7. I've been thinking of making my own clothing lately.  This convertible dressing might be a good place to start. 
  8. Freezer Meals on the Cheap.  This might be a good idea.  Alex and I might give it a try.
  9. I think I might make this Patchwork Tote with this fabric that I ordered from Spoonflower.
  10. This is something I've been dreaming of doing for a long time.  Making a Sourdough Starter!


  1. That is so exciting that school is starting soon for you!

  2. Wow a month already!! Good luck with the list I hope you manage to get some things on it done! =D


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