Saturday, June 30, 2012


Oh, what a day.  Cleaned the bathroom.  It was more work than it sounds for I took everything (except a mirror and the shower curtain) out of the room.  It was blank.

I scrubbed the shelving in the linen closet (the best things I can think to call this strange closet in the bathroom (which incidentally doesn't have a bath tub).


Here is a nice pic of the blank bathroom.


 I have since put back most of the items removed, but we did trash the falling apart bookcase that was in there.

Here is a picture of my living room while all this was going on.  Since everything needed to go somewhere.


Oh moving is just so much fun.  NOT!

While doing this I listened to Joy The Baker Podcast.

I do love not being caught up with a podcast so that I can listen to several in a single day!

I also took the bulk of my fabric stash over to Steph's house.  I figured she could get some good use out of my collection, instead of it being put into storage.  Or worse carted across the country.  Now I can get new fabrics when I get to the East Coast.

In case you are wondering I was only able to get some laundry and the bathroom done.  Everything else will be left for tomorrow.  

Perhaps another day of cleaning and listening to podcasts.  

And more sorting and getting rid of things.  

Such is life.

Happy Weekending!

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  1. Wow that all sounds crazy! Cleaning is the worst..specially if you're actually moving out too! Fabric put into storage? Now that just sounds crazy! =D


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