Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Weigh In Wednesday

My Week:

Wednesday, weigh in day.  Some lbs were lost as some of you may remember, Alex decided that it was going to be a cheat day.  So, for dinner we had yummy Thai food.  Chicken and shrimp pad thai, red curry, and spicy  fried rice all of which we requested hot!   Then we shared a molten lava cake. I think I gained back all the weight I lost in just one meal!

Thursday, Chico Chai with a dear friend and I worked out.  However, there was more chocolate cake.

Friday, no workout and dinner out with a friend.  I was semi-good and had baked salmon.

Saturday, no workout.  I spent the day visiting with various family members.  Ate out twice!  A omelet for brunch and an empanada for dinner and some tres-leche cake for dessert.   

Sunday, again no workout.  I really had nothing to do that day and just stayed home and did absolutely nothing.  

Monday, I WORKED OUT!  Finally.  I had a full day.  Finished a book I've been reading, worked an eight hour shift and cooked a healthy dinner.

Tuesday, Alex and I worked out together.  We did Jillian Michael's Killer Buns and Thighs.  Now I'm beat.  The day was long, but much was accomplished.  

Are you sick of my weekly recap yet?

Here are my stats for the week.

Weight Loss Goal: 18 lbs 
Starting Weight: 158 lbs(Jan 1 st)
Today's Weight: 153 lbs
Week Loss: 2 lbs
Total Loss:  5 lbs
Distance to Goal: 13 lbs
Week's workouts: 3
Total Time Exercising: Hour an a Half

Happy Wednesday!

Happy Leap Day!

Also I'm attempting to go Vegetarian for the whole month of March.  Wish me luck!

And I'd like to thank Lucy, Katy, and Izzy for all their encouragement last week.  
I did not hit my goal of working out 4 days, but I'm going to try again this week and watch my diet a little closer no more chocolate cake!

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