Saturday, January 7, 2012

Book Gods


 Oh, how the Book Gods are taunting me.  It has only been a week since I last purchased a book, but I feel the need today more than others.

I know I sound like an addict and well there are worse things to be addicted to than buying books, but I don't want to be a slave to my passions.

Today my story goes a little like this...

I was being good going to the library to return two books and order two more from another branch. What do I find when I get there?  A book sale!  To benefit the library. Oh, Book Gods how you torture me.  So what is a girl to do?  What I did was text Steph at Hope Sewing is Genetic.  I really wanted her to come over to the library and buy a book while I was there.  Is that so wrong of me?  This plan backfired since I have sworn off the book buying so has she in solidarity.

Shaking that off I go to the local yarn store to use my $20 gift certificate I received from my secret Santa at work.  I was being so good.  I walked in straight to the needles. Since my plan was to just get in and out with twenty dollars worth of needles.  Easy right?   No looking at the books or their evil cohorts magazines.  There was no one else in the store this will be easy I though as I was picking out my needles. However, right as I finished picking out my choices (see picture below) someone swoops upon the counter in front of me.  No worries I am strong.  Then as I watched the counter person wind the yarn for this counter swooping person my eyes wonder and fall upon the rack of knitting magazines.  Before I know it I'm picking them up and looking at them.  Thinking this one would be nice to have and maybe I'd like to spin my own yarn someday so I should get this other one.  Just before it was my turn I realized what I was doing and promptly put away the magazines I was just about to purchase.

You see what I mean, the Book Gods are devious in their allure, but even though I wavered today I did not give in. 
 Book Gods today I am the victor!

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