Monday, January 9, 2012

100 Things to Eat before you Die

On my facebook this list is making its way around my friends.  Here I am thinking I'm some kind of aspiring gourmand I will definitively have tried more than the reported average of 20 items.  And my final total is 44.  However compared to my fiends I am among the lowest.  Now in my defense I'm sure there are things on here I have tried for example Kobe beef, carp and abalone, but since I do not have a clear relocation of eating them I'm leaving them off.

So how do you compare?  It's interesting what kinds of things people have tried. 

 I'd like to know who came up with this list.  I'm down with most of the things on it, but Hostess fruit pies are disgusting and calorie laden why would that be a contender on the 100 things to eat before you die.  Of course I have eaten them, they were a staple of my young adolescent-self's lunch.  I am equally astounded by the moon pie, though that one I don't think I've tried before.  


  1. Well I've had nine of them - nothing to be proud of, for sure, but one of them was one you haven't had, so that's something! ;)

  2. Whoa... 70. That surprised me.


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