Sunday, October 30, 2011

The costume that wasn't

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. This year I wanted to make my own costume.

This was the idea.

American McGee's Alice

I purchased these two patterns.


Why are my only choices a chaste child's costume.


Or a slutty adult.


I went with the chaste one. Thinking that a few changes here and there would make it more adult appropriate.

Well that is not how it turned out.

Even though I lowered the neck line by two inches. I think it needs to be lower.

Alice 2

I need to make the skirt shorter and tighten up the bodice.

So here is my Halloween costume that wasn't.

Alice 1

And this is what I ended up wearing to the party Alex and I attended last night.


Maybe I'll try and fix the Alice Costume or I might just start again and draft my own pattern.


  1. I think if you made the bodice tighter, then wore something under the skirt to make it poofier and altered the apron to mirror the hourglass shape of the original, you'd be there. :)

    You pull off sexy costumes pretty well though! ;)

  2. I don't know why but this is the first year I realized that all the women's costumes were just slutty. Why is that? Why do we as women subject ourselves to that? We show people how we want to be treated. How are we going to ever get the respect from men if we keep doing this to ourselves? off my soapbox now lol. Love your costume! I did not dress up. Never do.


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