Friday, December 31, 2010

New Years Eve

So the count down begins. Not the most famous one of counting the seconds to midnight, for my hubby and I find ourselves without others to share the night with, but a countdown to my goal of 86 books read in one year.

I'm primed and ready to go. I have been holding off reading the books I received for Christmas and as soon as the clock strikes midnight I will begin reading up a storm. I'm hoping to hit the ground running on this task. Probably overload on books in January so that when I tail off in March (as I always do around my Birthday) I wont get behind or at least far behind.

The new year is suppose to bring a well spring of great ideas, new starts and resolutions. So I'll share with you a few of my own.

1. No Taco Bell. They recently posted the caloric count of all their items on the menu. I was appalled at how much I had been consuming. Really none of it is good for you, but I had convinced my self it wasn't that bad. Well it is. So no more Taco Bell, at least for the year. Then we can talk about the moderation my husband is always preaching but never following.

2. Pay off our car. With only $694.00 ish left I think this will be accomplished relatively quickly.

3. Pay off our credit cards. Though my mother in-law says this should not be as big of a concern as it is. I'd still like to do it. I think we can do it in one year. Or at least come really close. I want to try.

4. Study and Take Grad School Aptitude Tests.

5. Take any remaining pre-requisites (in the Fall) for application.

6. Ready 86 books. This might be a unmanageable task, but I'd like to try.

7. Finish new quilt for bed.

8. Make a purse

9. Save up for a new sewing machine

10. Save up for a surger

11. Save up for new cooking equipment

12. Start learning how to cook from cooking thing from "Mastering the Art of French Cooking"

13. Finish the Christmas quilt started many years ago. It only needs batting and a back. Then to be quilted. Easy right?

14. Call my sister more often.

15. Call my Mother-in-law more often

16. Visit family more.

17. Make a new dress. A Green one.

18. Take the kitties to the vet

19. See Mateo often, but not too often.

20. Make myself happy before others.

~Happy New Year everyone.

As always, I appreciate your comments or book recommendations. ~Dianna


  1. Stupid Jeff's phone didn't work properly, so we didn't get your text until like... half past midnight :( I spent my midnight finishing Reichs's Fatal Voyage. Didn't enjoy it as much as the previous three, but didn't dislike it, either.

  2. I think Alex loved it. Playing WOW with all his buddies while I laid in bed Reading "The Lost Symbol" with the kitties. It was nice and mellow. Maybe next year will be a more social event.


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