Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas time.


This time of year is suppose to fill us with this sense of joy and good will towards men. This year I'm am trying to get into the spirit that in the past has been so easy to find. However I find myself lacking.
I'm going through the motions with out feeling.

Like the song on Buffy, the musical episode.

x-mas2b20102b006 x-mas2b20102b004

I'm trying to hang out with friends and pretend that everything is normal and alright.

I'm even trying to smile occasionally. I should be happy. My husband finally has a job and we have the money now to purchase gifts for friends and family.

But at the same time, the knowledge that my Grandpa is dying hangs like a black cloud over my head.


So this year I had my friends carry me through the decorating process. They made it possible to finish the tree. for if left to my own devices this year I might have just left the tree a blank slate.

So Thank you Jacks and M for being you.

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