Saturday, November 27, 2010



This year our thanksgiving was different and much more stressful.

This was the first year in which I was not invited to my own families dinner. Though I did find out from my sister that they were only going to a buffet. She was not happy about it.

Then, my in-laws were out of power for five days preceding the big day and had told us that if power was not restored by Wednesday that Thanksgiving was canceled. Though when they were packing up their things to go stay at grandma's house the lights came back on for a Thanksgiving miracle.


To top this all off my aunt, who practically raised me, did not call me to wish me a Happy Thanksgiving. I even called her and she ignored my message wishing her a happy thanksgiving.

My husband and I got to deep fry a turkey for the very first time. That was exciting. (I'll add photo's later, left my camera at my in-laws) . It only takes a Turkey 45 minutes to cook in a vat of boiling hot peanut oil.

turkey 3 turkey 4

Then we picked up some friends and headed out of town. We finally arrived at my in-laws around 2:15 and set about helping to make dinner.

My husband, who normally doesn't talk to anyone at these functions, sat on the couch talking to his uncle's wife's 88 year old step dad. It was very sweet.

I just want to than everyone who made, what could have been a bad day for me, very pleasant and enjoyable.

I hope that next year will be even better.

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