Tuesday, October 5, 2010



Halloween is up and I just feel like what is the point.

In years past I've felt that even if no one sees the decorations they still give me pleasure.

But this year... No pleasure... Just annoyance at myself for continuing a ritual.

But I have to do it, if I don't then I have to admit to myself that things are different. That things are not as they should be. That I'm sinking down into the dark pit of despair. I'm trying to fight it. But the more I fight the worse it gets. Maybe I should just lay down and give up.

halloween 2

But the lights look so very nice. Zoey likes to pull down the garland from around the doors. Mamasita is our good kitty, she doesn't take down the decorations (except Christmas ornament balls). She does like to take her toys out and leave them all over the house.

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  1. I decided that this year after all the holidays I'm going to start buying decorations at Target or wherever, when they're on clearance, now that we have a house to decorate. Jeff said no, that no one will come here to see them - but pfft on him. We'll see them, and so will you guys when you come over. :)



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